Commercial law

- Commercial business
- Commercial contracts
- International commercial law
- Commercial disputes
- Recovery of debts and insurances

Civil law

- Civil law contracts
- Compensation law
- Hereditary law
- Family law
- Executive law
- Consumation law

Labour law

- Work disputes
- Employement contracts
- Employer’s acts
- Application and protection of rights, obligations and responsability deriving from work relationships

Insolvency Law

- Restructuring and other  measures in insolvency cases
- Procedures on forced settlements and bankruptcy
- Cessation of legal entities
- Personal bankruptcy
- Representation in insolvency procedures

Commercial criminal law

- Crimes against commerce
- Misdemeanour  in the area of commerce
- Representation before tribunals and  legal authorities dealing with misdemeanour

Intelectual property law

- Trademarks, geographical signs, know-how
- Model
- Patents
- Author’s law

Corporate law

- Founding of companies (Slovenia, EU, World)
- Status restructuring and status modifications of companies
- Assemblies of companies

Acquisitons and mergers

- Acquisitions
- Mergers
- Divisions
- Restructuring and joint venture
- Counselling buyers, sellers and financial consultants on parts and capital  transfer

Competition law

- Unfair competition
- Abusing dominant position on the market
- Concentrations
- Non permitted advertising and dumping

Financial and banking law

- Banking and financial transactions
- Project financing and financing basic means of pruduction purchase
- Securities law and stock exchange law
- Law of applied financial instruments

Energy and environmental law

- Energy law
- Natural resources and infrastucture law
- Acquisition of environmental permits and control

Media law

- Legal counselling related to regulatory questions, investments and joint venture
- Intelectual property rights related to media law

Information technology law

- Legal acts in the field of E-business
- Web domaines and web space
- Internet business
- Contractual relationships  concerning programme applications

Public procuremet law

- Public procurement procedure
- Review procedure
- Legal protection of offerer’s interests

Misdemeanor law

- Request for judicial protection

Sports law

- Regulation of sponsorship, media and licence rights contracts
- Drafting founding acts (statute, etc.)
- Drafting interior statute (on registration of players, on competitions, on discipline, etc.)
- Drafting contracts for players
- Drafting forms (unsubcriptions, lending a player, etc. )

Public – private partnership

- Counselling public sector and private sector on projects in public-private partnership
- Drafting contracts relating to public-private partnership

Administration law

- Administration procedures and disputes


- Before all courts and tribunals in the Republic of Slovenia, including Administrative court, Supreme court and Constitutional Court
- Before European human rights tribunal
- Before European communities tribunal
- Before Agency for securities and other public agencies
- Before Fair competition bureau
- Before institutional and ad hoc arbitrations
- In mediations and other procedures for peaceful solutions of disputes
- Before tax and administrative offices
- In disciplinary procedures
- Before authorities dealing with  misdemeanor
- In assemblies of legal entities
- Before insurance companies